Book translation of “Peace, Love and Liberty”

Project Name: Peace, Love & Liberty translation into Albanian Language
Donor: Atlas Network (
Summary: Peace, Love & Liberty is an intriguing collection of essays that will be a great introduction to the ideas of and discussions on liberty among the Albanian speakers in the Balkans. The strong network that LAI has with universities in North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo will allow for a better promotion not only of the book itself but also of the liberal philosophy overall among the students in these three countries.

Output 1: Translation of Peace, Love & Liberty in Albanian language
Outcome 1: Include the book as an additional reading in courses in at least 3 different universities, one per country
Output 2: Printing of 100 copies of the albanian translation of Peace, Love & Liberty Book promotion events in Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo
Outcome 2: Equip at least 3 university libraries in each of the three countries with printed copies of the book
Output 3: Book promotion events in Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo
Outcome 3: Hold 9 debates on liberty during the book promotion events with around 250 students from the 3 countries

Strategy: The translation and print of Peace, Love & Liberty will have a twofold result: it will provide for liberal literature in albanian and it the book promotion will provide a setting for a debate with students in Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo. The network and partners of LAI will be engaged in the three countries to help with the organization of the promotional events and the debates as well in the 3 countries and discussions with deans of departments will allow us to achieve the inclusion of Peace, Love & Liberty as additional reading material in political and social science departments.

Translation and proofreading (20 January- 20 March 2022)
Design and printing (21 March- 20 April 2022)
Publishing date of the book (30 April 2022)
Book promotion events and debates (1-30 May 2022)
Meeting with deans to discuss inclusion of the book in the curriculum (1-30 June 2022)
Ongoing project 2: General Support Grant and Liberal Forum Journal