Economic Literacy Program (ELP)

Project name: Economic Literacy Program

Funded by: Economic Fundamentals Initiative (EFI)

Timeline: 01 November 2022 – 31 October 2023



The overarching goal of the project is to help raise standards of economic literacy in North Macedonia, by promoting and distributing to readers free of charge in all formats the regionalized edition of CSE, as prepared by the Economic Fundamentals Initiative (hereinafter referred to as “EFI”), to the widest possible audience and organizing 2023 Economics Olympiad for high school students in North Macedonia. To that end, LAI will work with partners in the country to maximize the project’s impact, harnessing the partners’ expertise in delivering education projects and their understanding of the local operating environment.



The initial stage of the promotion of Common Sense Economics in North Macedonia is planned to follow three stages: 

(1) promotion of the already published versions in English and Albanian in the Albanian speaking part of the country and in English speaking universities and high schools, 

    Activity I: Official Launch Event

    Activity II: Equipping city and university libraries, as well as high schools with copies in albanian and english

    Activity III: Discussion Forums to promote the book

    Activity IV: Social Media Campaign

(2) publishing possibility in Macedonian language and its promotion nationally, and 

    Activity V: Meetings with Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture and other relevant institutions

(3) promotion and training for journalists in a regional context.

    Activity VII: Econ Literacy for Journalists using CSE (Jointly regional workshop)

(4) promoting economic and financial literacy through organising the Economics Olympiad in North Macedonia

    Activity VIII: Economics Olympiad implementation in school, regional and national rounds