#EconLit2023 Conference as a Launching Event of Economic Literacy Program

📢 And its finally here!!! #ECONLIT2023

📚 The #EconLit2023 Conference in #NorthMacedonia will bring together experts and practitioners to discuss issues related to economic literacy and education.

📋 The conference will have three sessions, each focusing on a different topic. The first session will diagnose the current state of economic literacy in North Macedonia and identify any challenges or initiatives to improve it. The second session will examine the quality and effectiveness of economic and financial education in high school and higher education, including best practices for teaching these concepts. The third session will explore how economic and financial education can be used to foster entrepreneurship and innovation.

✅️ The goal of the conference is to promote a greater understanding of economic concepts and support the development of effective economic literacy interventions in North Macedonia.

🇦🇱 The language of the conference is albanian. As the participation is invite only, if interested to participate, do write us an email at econlit@lai.mk before 7th February 2023.

🗓 18 February 2023

📍 Hotel Mercure, Tetovo

🌐 Visit our website for more info on the conference: https://lai.mk/econlit2023/