Liberal Forum Second Edition is Out!

Dear readers of the Liberal Forum Magazine,
We are thrilled to present to you the second issue of our publication, where we aim to bring a fresh and liberal perspective on the current and important topics that are relevant to our community in North Macedonia, offering insights and ideas that will challenge and inspire our readers.
Through our bilingual format, we are able to reach a wider and more diverse audience, making sure that everyone has the opportunity to engage with these important discussions. Our goal is to create a platform for open and inclusive dialogue, where all voices can be heard and all ideas can be freely exchanged.
In this issue, our talented authors delve into a range of subjects, from the ongoing efforts to combat discrimination, to the significance of the agricultural sector in economic development, and from the relationship between markets and freedom, to the challenges of energy poverty.
We also have articles exploring gender equality, property rights, and the cultural and artistic mobilization of Manifesta 14 in Prishtina, as well as recommendations on books that provide a powerful commentary on individual freedom and personal responsibility.
In addition to offering thought-provoking articles, this issue also provides practical advice for individuals looking to make a positive impact in their communities. Whether it’s tips for getting involved in local activism or suggestions for addressing pressing social issues, our magazine is dedicated to empowering its readers to take action.
We are proud to be supported by two respected organizations, the Atlas Network and FNF North Macedonia. Their support has allowed us to continue producing high-quality, impactful content that will inspire and inform our readers.
As the editor of this magazine, I am humbled to lead a team of talented and dedicated writers and researchers, who are committed to providing our readers with engaging, thought-provoking and insightful content.
I hope that this edition of our magazine will be both enjoyable and informative, as well as spark meaningful and productive conversations. So, download your copy today or grab one from your university library and join us on this journey of discovery and exploration!
Liberally yours,
Orhan Ceka
Editor of the Liberal Forum Magazine