Project Management and Sustainable Initiatives ToT in Tetovo as part of “Lead to Succeed” Erasmus+ Project

In the midst of the Erasmus+ project “Lead to Succeed” facilitators and youth workers from Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Slovenia, and North Macedonia are currently engaged in a mobility in Tetovo from February 20th to 28th. The primary focus of this initiative is the creation and implementation of a program designed to coach young individuals in establishing sustainable initiatives that contribute to community well-being, ultimately shaping them into impactful changemakers.

Over the past two days, participants from all five countries have immersed themselves in Tetovo, honing essential competences such as project management, financial tools, teamwork, and the strategic organization of project budgets for long-term viability. This collaborative effort not only enhances the skills of the individuals involved but also fosters a cross-cultural exchange of ideas and experiences. The collective dedication to developing sustainable projects reflects a shared commitment to driving positive change within our respective communities.

As the mobility progresses, the diverse perspectives and insights from Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Slovenia, and North Macedonia continue to enrich the learning environment, making this experience a true testament to the power of international cooperation in fostering the next generation of socially conscious leaders.