Economics Olympiad in North Macedonia: Students Compete for Top Honors in the Regional Rounds

On April 19th, 2024, the Regional Round of the Economics Olympiad unfolded across North Macedonia, igniting the spirit of competition and economic prowess in five cities: Kumanovo, Skopje, Tetovo, Gostivar, and Struga (including Debar and Kichevo). A total of 295 students from 35 schools, who emerged victorious from the school round, out of an initial pool of 1275 participants in the school round, seized the opportunity to test their knowledge and skills in this prestigious event.

The competition was intense as these young minds engaged in a battle of economic theories and analytical thinking, all in pursuit of coveted prizes. The top three performers from each region will be rewarded with prizes tailored to match their achievements: Laptops for the 1st prize, Tablets for the 2nd prize, and Smartwatches for the 3rd prize.
What adds significance to this event is that the regional testing took part in the universities themselves, including Southeast European University in Tetovo, University of Tetovo, and International University of Struga. This not only provided a conducive environment for the participants but also highlighted the collaborative effort between academic institutions and the organizers.

Yet, the journey doesn’t culminate with the regional triumphs. Approximately 50 standout students will advance to the National Level testing slated for May 11th, 2024, hosted once again at the Southeast European University in Tetovo. This next phase will determine the five individuals who will proudly represent North Macedonia in the international arena, set to take place in Athens this September.

In addition to the honor of representing their country on a global stage, these top achievers will receive monthly stipends throughout the academic year 2024/25, further incentivizing their dedication to economic excellence. Moreover, the highest achiever of the national competition will be bestowed with a prestigious tuition scholarship from the Faculty of Business and Economics at Southeast European University, opening doors to further academic pursuits and career opportunities.
Behind this grand event lies the collaborative effort of the Liberal Alternative Institute and the Economic Fundamentals Initiative from the USA, with unwavering support from the business community. It is through their collective generosity that all the prizes are made possible, fueling the aspirations of these budding economists.

As these young talents continue to showcase their proficiency and passion for economics, they not only compete but also collaborate in shaping a brighter economic future for North Macedonia and beyond. Their journey exemplifies the spirit of academic excellence and determination, inspiring future generations to pursue their passions and contribute meaningfully to society.