Economic Fundamentals Initiative Hosts Key Workshop in Durres, Albania

The Economic Fundamentals Initiative (EFI) recently convened a pivotal workshop in Durres, Albania, uniting regional partners to bolster economic and financial literacy across the Western Balkans.

The workshop featured a comprehensive agenda, starting with a review of achievements since September 2023 and setting strategic goals for 2025. Key discussions addressed country-specific and regional challenges in improving economic literacy, exploring opportunities for enhanced regional cooperation. Initiatives such as the Association of Western Balkans Journalists, the Economics Olympiad, and teacher training pilots were highlighted.Participants engaged in group work to plan for sustainability, considering potential funding sources and strategies to maximize the impact of EFI programs.

The event also focused on increasing awareness of regional activities and setting ambitious goals for the coming year.

EFI was joined by notable partners including the Liberal Alternative Institute from North Macedonia, the Riinvest Institute from Kosovo, and the European University of Tirana (UET) from Albania. The collaborative efforts mark a significant step towards fostering economic understanding and cooperation in the Western Balkans, ensuring a brighter financial future for the region.