CSR Conference: Philanthropy, Corporate Responsibility and Social Change: The Power of Networking

Funded by: Deutche Telekom, TAV Airports, Sky City: Cevahir Holiding, Euro Standard Bank, Wilson High School, EVN Macedonia

The main goal of this conference was to bring together the business and the non-governmental sector in order to introduce and promote corporate social responsibility as a tool for businesses to become drivers of social change.


  • To increase awareness within the business sector on social reasonability;
  • To discuss philanthropy as an important component of doing business (giving back to society)
  • To promote usage of philanthropic activities as a marketing tool
  • To establish a network of the business sector, the non-profit sector, and other stakeholders that in working together can better deal with social issues that need more urgent action
  • To share successful experiences of social responsibility businesses that already have implemented philanthropic activities within Macedonia and abroad
  • To provide research-based strategies on efficient and successful usage of CSR
  • To set a stage for future cooperation between the different target groups participating in the conference