Faces and Spaces

Funded: Council of Europe

The project mainly aimed at dealing with the past within the contexts of the conflicts that have happened within the Balkan borders (BiH, Kosovo and Macedonia). Namely, the project encouraged discussion on perceptions of the Other (with it discussing the issue of division between Us and Them), fostering social cohesion, promoting cultural exchange and acceptance, and decreasing of prejudices among the different communities living in the Balkans.

The project objectives were:

  • To initiate a debate on perceptions and realities through the online discussion platform
  • To encourage young people to reexamine their positions and prejudices they have about individuals belonging to certain communities
  • To pinpoint the usages of the electronic media and web in order to raise awareness about certain taboo topics, especially interethnic tensions, discrimination based on race, religious and cultural intolerance
  • To mobilize youth in becoming the voice of change
  • To use art as means for learning about each other