“Mapping for Youth council establishment in” for the Municipality of Tetovo

Funded by: UNDP Macedonia

Liberal Alternative Institute (LAI) in accordance with the requirements set from UNDP conducted mapping of the public opinion through meetings with different target groups on the perception on the topic “The voice of youth, civic engagement and participation on a local level”, specifically focusing on the idea of establishing a Youth Council within the framework of the Municipality of Tetovo. Four target groups were identified:
– representatives from youth of Tetovo (9 participants, 5 high school students and 4 university students),
– representatives of NGO sector based in Tetovo (7 participants coming from 5 NGOs: CBC LOJA, IRZ, Sonce, Roma Avazi, MOF Tetovo),
– representatives from selected Youth Forums of Political Parties- Tetovo Branch (8 participants coming from 5 youth forums: VMRO-DMPNE, DUI, SDSM, DPA, and RDK ),and
– a representative from the municipality of Tetovo (Ahmet Qazimi, the Head of Public Procurement of the Municipality of Tetovo, which includes the Sectors of Culture and Sport).
With the first three target groups the method of focus groups was used to analyze their perceptions while with the representative from the Municipality of Tetovo, we conducted an interview on a similar set of questions asked to other groups.