Policy Initiative “Inclusion of Community Service in the high school curriculum and Establishment of Counseling and Guidance Centers

Funded by: NDI Macedonia

The goal of the project was to make community service as mandatory requirement for graduating from high schools in whole Macedonia.
The aims

  • Familiarizing youth with the idea of voluntarism and making them care for the community they live in which in turn would produce active citizens instead of passive individuals.
  • Allowing the students with lower disciplinary level to be able to increase their disciplinary grade through extra work in civil society or community centers
  • To help community centers and civil society organization with volunteers which in the time being is one of the crucial problems that they are facing
    (a) Transforming the office of the psychologist in high schools into Counseling Centers which in addition to the services that were provided in the office of the psychologist would also provide other services such as :  career advising, resume and motivational letter writings, interviewing, helping students decide their academic and educational paths, play the role of mediators between teachers and students etc.
    (b) Train the staff in school counseling (provide know-how’s from the experiences on the US educational system)
  • Changing the law on education as to include all the aforementioned aims
    One of the target groups of this project were students in public and private high schools in Macedonia (20 participants)