Empowered Women Empower Women

Through the #EmpoweredWomenEmpowerWomen campaign, LAI celebrates and acknowledges the fight for equity and equality of women and girls, through messages and thoughts of women of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, creed, and professions.



Women are not just a synonym of beauty, but of courage. strength and justice. As women, we reach our success through hardwork and lots of sacrifices, because we are never readily given anything. Women have been discriminated, undervalued and deprived of meritocracy and no one better than us knows how to do justice. We have proven that we do not surrender. It is thus not a coincidence that justicia is a woman.

Arta Selmani
Prodean of Law Faculty at SEEU


Being a woman means different things to different women. I am seeing it as a jackpot won through the lottery of birth. It is an opportunity to fight against inequality and injustice with first-hand experience. To stand passionately against violence and confront prejudice. to make the world a better place!
The fight for eouality and justice must be fought at all levels: at home, in schools, at work, in smaller and larger communities, in villages, towns and cities, on national and international level.

Elena Basheska
Legal Researcher and EU/IA Advisor
Democracy Institute, CEU


Women deserve the respect and value of a being that brings life. Mothers as heads of families are many times more powerful, many times more able. Without women in decision-making both the state and the society remain sterile.

Luljeta Ademi

Ambassador Against Hate Speech, EU &COE


Encouragement of women and girls to aim higher by staying true to themselves and their ideals, is a fight that is worth fighting on a daily basis. The strength of women comes from their decisiveness to create a world based on values, in which no woman will be left behind!

Mersiha Smailovič –

Human Rights Activist


Women have always been and remain a motivation and driver of change in every domain of the society. She portrays her strengths as a wife, mother, grandmother, powerful leader manager, diplomat and her outward beauty is just a small thread that should always lead her to perfection. Once she achieves to accept herself as she is, the woman’s life is completely filled with beauty, inside and out!

Mirjana Gavrovska

CEO and owner of Beauty Salon “Mimi”


Supporting and celebrating women’s rights is a year-round responsibility. But on international women’s day, it’s even more important to take a stand for women’s equality. Today we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. So…Happy 8th of March my queens and above all, we need to be the heroines of our lifes, not the victims.

Puleksenija Jovanoska
Winner at Summer Olympics 2020


Girls and women have a very tough battle to fight. That of breaking the unwillingly imposed limits put on them. Until women can see what freedom without limits means, there will still be girls that think their liberty is in somebody else’s hands. Girls should break the chains society puts on them and challenge the patriarchy’s gender, discriminatory norms.

Rita Behadini
Journalist and Cofounder
of CEO Mollekuqja


Every woman is beautiful in her own skin. What we do in our work with beauty and care is just to provide a boost in the self confidence of each and every woman so that she can conquer the world. The way we as women dress and look is our own choice, and no one should ever dare to control our bodies and our choices!

Suzana Chavdarova