Metamorphosis: From Chaos to Art

The last local initiative of the project “Youth Combating Hate Speech” was the “Metamorphosis: From Chaos to Art” exhibition which tried to transform the hate speech stories from their chaotic nature to pieces of art by bringing the storytellers and the artists in a collaboration to build transformation and raise awareness.


After having collected the stories from the victims of #hatespeech, #bullying, and #abuse, the #MetamorphosisProject continued with the next stage. Young artists, students of the Faculty of Art at the State University of Tetovo, were distributed the stories which served as an inspiration and through the mentorship of prof. Drenusha Palloshi turned the stories of the victims into art. 

Special thanks to our local partner Social Cultural Space Tetova for making their space available for the artists to work in. 



The work of the young painters was exhibited on 21st December 2021 at the Galeria e Arteve Pamore-Tetove in Tetovo. 



‘Metamorphosis’ is part of the local initiatives in the framework of the project “Youth Combating Hate Speech” implemented by Liberal Alternative Institute and funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.