Coffee Talks – Women Rights Movement

We are dedicating the March edition of #CoffeeTalks to women rights.
Under the moderation of Iva Nasufi ( @ivanasufi ) we will be talking to Arta Selmani (@arta_selmani_ ), Prodean of Faculty of Law at SEEU, and Elmedina Abdulai (@elmedinamahmudi), a feminist activist and Council Member at Tetovo Municipality Council from the movement @pertetoven, on the topic of “Women Rights Movement: Freedoms, Choices, and the ‘not so hidden hand’ of Patriarchy”.
Join us this Friday (25 March) at 6 pm, in the premises of Space Tetova (@spacetetova), and lets have a coffee talk.
#CoffeeTalks is a joint initiative of Liberal Alternative Institute and Space Tetova, bringing relevant discussion topics to the audience in Tetovo, specifically youth, on a monthly level.