Liberal Alternative Institute in the list of the Ten Atlas Network Partners To Get Excited About In 2022   

We are very happy to have featured as one of the ten partners of Atlas Network that show perspective in 2022.

“Atlas Network’s community of partners is growing! Two organizations in Eastern Europe are especially exciting. Liberal Alternative Institute (North Macedonia) and Free Russia Institute (Lithuania) are both promising groups dedicated to human freedom and flourishing.
Liberal Alternative Institute’s team is especially focused on expanding their research and policy capacity, as they plan to publish a quarterly policy report on individual freedom and economic self-determination in North Macedonia. This growth in institutional capacity will also enable them to undertake additional initiatives in the coming year.”

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In the beginning of 2022, LAI was supperted by Atlas Network with two grants: a book translation grant for Peace, Love and Liberty, and a General Grant within which the policy magazine Liberal Forums will be published. Special thanks to our partners for their support and boost in the path to bringing the liberal movement closer to home.

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