Economics Olympiad Makes Waves in the Media: Engaging Discussions and Inspiring Interviews

We are excited to announce that the Economics Olympiad, organized by the Liberal Alternative Institute (LAI), is garnering significant attention in the media, spreading its inspiring message to a wider audience. The thought-provoking discussions and engaging interviews featuring our esteemed guests and talented finalists have captivated viewers and listeners alike. Here are some highlights from the media promotions of the Economics Olympiad:

Macedonian National Television (MTV) – “Rritmi i ditës” with Aida Ziberi On 5th July 2023, Aida Ziberi hosted an insightful episode of “Rritmi i ditës” on Macedonian National Television (MTV). The discussion revolved around the world of economics, featuring Orhan Ceka from LAI alongside two exceptional finalists, Alma Gjureci and Anida Rakipi. Their remarkable experiences and valuable insights added depth to the conversation, inspiring viewers with their passion and knowledge.

TV Koha – “Pasdite” with Arijana Ibraimi Arijana Ibraimi, on 30th June 2023, welcomed the Economics Olympiad to the TV Koha show “Pasdite.” Orhan Ceka from LAI, along with finalists Andi Ademi and Gonxhe Sulejmani, engaged in a thought-provoking discussion on the significance of the Economics Olympiad and shared their inspiring journeys. The conversation highlighted the participants’ determination and shed light on the transformative power of economic education.

Radio Rrapi – “Panorama Plus me Borën” with Sibora The enlightening radio show “Panorama Plus me Borën” on Radio Rrapi featured a captivating discussion on 1st July 2023. Sibora led an engaging conversation with Orhan Ceka and Avni Arifi from LAI, exploring the world of economics and the impact of the Economics Olympiad. The dialogue provided listeners with valuable insights into the importance of economic literacy and its role in shaping a prosperous future.

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The media promotions of the Economics Olympiad have created a buzz, inspiring individuals from all walks of life to engage with economic education and explore its transformative potential. We extend our gratitude to MTV, TV Koha, and Radio Rrapi for their support in spreading awareness about the Economics Olympiad and its mission.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, interviews, and insights as we continue to champion economic literacy and empower the next generation of economists and innovators.

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