Liberal Alternative Institute’s IVLP Program on Youth and Historical Memory Takes Participants on an Inspiring Journey to the USA

Participants from North Macedonia embark on a transformative cultural exchange program supported by the US Embassy and State Department

Skopje, 12 July 2023 – Liberal Alternative Institute (LAI) is proud to announce the launch of its IVLP program on Youth and Historical Memory, taking a group of passionate activists and researchers from North Macedonia on an unforgettable journey to the United States. Supported by the US Embassy in North Macedonia and the State Department, this program aims to foster cultural exchange, promote historical understanding, and empower young change-makers.

The participants, carefully selected for their dedication and commitment to social progress, recently completed an intensive predeparture orientation to prepare them for the upcoming adventure. Equipped with a strong sense of purpose and excitement, they are now ready to embark on a three-week exploration of institutions, universities, and NGOs across the United States.

The IVLP program on Youth and Historical Memory focuses on examining the role of historical memory in shaping societies, with an emphasis on engaging youth in the process. By exchanging experiences and perspectives, the participants aim to gain a deeper understanding of historical narratives and their impact on social dynamics. Through visits to renowned public institutions, universities, and NGOs, they will have the opportunity to engage with professionals, experts, and fellow activists, forging lifelong connections and expanding their horizons.

The US Embassy in North Macedonia and the State Department have played a crucial role in making this program a reality. Their unwavering support and commitment to fostering international collaborations and cultural exchange have enabled LAI and its participants to embark on this transformative journey.

Throughout their time in the USA, the participants will share their experiences, insights, and encounters with diverse perspectives on social media. Follow their captivating journey on LAI’s social media channels, where they will provide glimpses into their visits to public institutions, universities, and NGOs. Through their posts, you can witness firsthand the power of cultural exchange and the transformative impact it has on individuals and communities.

Liberal Alternative Institute is proud to support the participants as they embark on this inspiring adventure. Their experiences and learnings from the IVLP program on Youth and Historical Memory will undoubtedly shape their future endeavors and contribute to positive change in North Macedonia and beyond.

For more information and updates on the IVLP program, visit LAI’s website or follow LAI’s social media channels.