North Macedonia’s Debut at Economics Olympiad in Bratislava

In a groundbreaking moment, the Liberal Alternative Institute (LAI) is thrilled to announce North Macedonia’s inaugural participation in the International Economics Olympiad held in Bratislava. This milestone event saw five exceptional finalists, Alma Gjureci, Anida Rakipi, Andi Ademi, Gonxhe Sulejmani, and Elvedin Mejminoski, representing our nation on the global economics stage.

Guiding this extraordinary team was Prof. Efraim Sejdia, a distinguished mentor and coordinator who led the highest number of students through the demanding school rounds.

This year’s competition witnessed the active involvement of 15 participating states, elevating the challenge and significance of the event. The atmosphere in Bratislava was electric as participants and mentors convened on September 5th and 6th, 2023, for two days of intense competition, learning, and collaboration.

LAI extends its deepest gratitude to the Economic Fundamentals Initiative, whose steadfast support played a pivotal role in enabling this remarkable journey. From in-country stages to international triumphs, their contribution has been nothing short of invaluable.

Furthermore, we express heartfelt thanks to our local supporters, whose dedicated efforts were instrumental in organizing the national competitions. Their unwavering belief in these young economists helped pave the way for this momentous occasion.

This event is a testament to the dedication and potential of the youth of North Macedonia. Through events like these, we are not only shaping future economists but also nurturing the leaders and innovators who will drive our nation forward.