Successful Panel Discussion on Empowering Youth through Economic Education

October 26, 2023

Skopje, North Macedonia – The University “Mother Teresa” in Skopje, in partnership with the Institute of Liberal Alternatives and with the generous support of the Economics Fundamentals Initiative from the United States, recently hosted a highly successful panel discussion under the theme of “Empowering Youth through Economic Education”.

The event, which took place on October 26, 2023, attracted a diverse audience comprising of students, educators, and distinguished guests from various institutions. The esteemed panelists, including Prof. Dr. Izet Zeqiri, Doc. Dr. Bujamin Bela, Prof. Inor. Dr. Bukurie Imeri Jusufi, Mr. Arben Halili from OEMVP, and Prof. Inor. Dr. Neritan Turkeshi, delivered evidence-based insights drawn from their extensive research in the field.

Key topics of discussion included the future prospects of youth in both public and private sectors, the evolving dynamics of the workforce, and the role of economic education in fostering adaptability and resilience in the face of economic and technological shifts.

Rektor Zeqiri, in his address, emphasized the pivotal role of economic education in the 21st century and its profound impact on youth empowerment. Prorektor Bela underscored the need for a balanced approach between inflation management and economic growth for sustainable development.

Dean Turkeshi highlighted the critical importance of educating youth about the complexities of economic growth and inflation. He emphasized that this knowledge equips young individuals to make informed financial decisions, thereby contributing to their personal and national prosperity.

Arben Halili, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board at the Economic Chamber of Northwestern Macedonia, called for increased collaboration among universities to produce a new generation of skilled professionals. He advocated for a curriculum that seamlessly integrates theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

Prof. Inor. Dr. Bukurie Imeri – Jusufi initiated a discussion on the pivotal role of education in national progress and outlined mechanisms through which education can drive economic growth.

The event concluded on a high note, with a consensus on the imperative need for widespread economic education to empower the youth and foster a more informed, engaged, and conscientious citizenry.