Month: August 2022

Partnership meeting for promotion of Common Sense Economics in North Macedonia

A very fruitful meeting with Visar Vokrri, Program Director at Riinvest Institute in Prishtina, discussing future cooperation possibilities and a collaboration that we will start soon on the promotion of #CommonSenseEconomics in North Macedonia, in cooperation with Economics Fundamentals Initiative .   #CommonSenseEconomics #ekonomiksipraktik #economicliteracy #regionalcooperation

Workshop “Culture of remembrance and Reflective Memory”

The workshop “Culture of remembrance and Reflective Memory” has brought together youth from high school and university, from different ethnic bacgrounds coming from Tetovo and the surrounding areas to learn more and discuss on issues of reconciliation, remembrance and acceptance. Through nonformal education tools , discussions, roleplays they are exploring identity, perceptions, prejudice, stereotypes, individuality, …

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